specifying screen resolution?

Post in this forum for problems at boot time, if there was no problem for burning the disc. For example can't find the CD, or strange errors when you press enter at the very first prompt.
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specifying screen resolution?

Post by waynep » 20 Apr 2007, 21:29

I downloaded system rescue CD 0.3.5 yesterday. I am playing with it trying to learn what's on it etc with my Parallels Virtual Machines. I normally run Linux in a VM. It boots fine but I have yet to figure out how to set the resolution before i run "startx".

I tried "intelfb800" at the boot: prompt but that didnt seem to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Post by admin » 22 Apr 2007, 17:45

Witjh the new X.Org the configuration is automatic. If you want to use the old method, you can boot with "rescuecd doxdetect". It will create a xorg.conf file, and X.Org will use it if it exists.

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