Incomplete boot with 0.3.3 or 0.3.4 - Fine 0.2.19

Post in this forum for problems at boot time, if there was no problem for burning the disc. For example can't find the CD, or strange errors when you press enter at the very first prompt.
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Incomplete boot with 0.3.3 or 0.3.4 - Fine 0.2.19

Post by kellerfam » 03 Apr 2007, 06:27

Desktop with ASUS motherboard A7V333 and AMD 2400+ CPU.

On boot just prior to display of language choices the boot nearly hangs. The last thing displayed for at least 20 minutes is
>>Media found on /dev/hdc
After long period of time boot continues to and then past language choice to
>>Copying read-write image contents to tmpfs
which it has been for 20 minutes or more now with no discernable CD activity.

No problem booting 0.2.19
Laptop booted 0.3.4 CD fine, in fact I was impressed with boot speed compared to 0.2.19 CD but not the desktop. Was burned in laptop drive.
Burned the 0.3.3 CD in the desktop to make sure it wasn't the drive. No errors on burn.

Edit: Just booted the CD on Desktop inside VM in VMWare server with no delays. Should prove boot failure is not failure of CD drive.
Edit 2: Tried 03.2 also failed in boot at same spot.

Any clues?
(Unfortunately the BIOS on the the desktop won't allow a USB boot)

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