Please upgrade BusyBox

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Please upgrade BusyBox

Postby Igor » 27 Jun 2013, 01:42


I created a PXE boot environment for SystemRescueCd. I am using tftp to boot the kernel/initrd and netboot=http for the image.

I noticed, that BusyBox's wget in v1.82.2 has a bug with "Keep-alive".

For example, I stored the image on a nginx server. Per default nginx uses 75s keep-alive. I noticed that the 3 downloads (BTW: Why will the *.md5 file be downloaded twice?) were stuck/stall for 75s each :/

I switched from nginx to an Apache server and it was working. I first thought it is nginx related, but then I noticed that the default Apache configuration disables keep-alive. When I turn keep-alive on in Apache too, I'll face the same problem.

I tried BusyBox v1.20.2 from Gentoo and this version seems to work. So, please upgrade :-)


P.s: I tried SystemRescueCd v3.7.0.

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Re: Please upgrade BusyBox

Postby tului » 27 Jun 2013, 17:10

I suppose as a workaround you could create a custom ISO with the busybox static binary for your architecture replacing the one that sysres normally has.

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Re: Please upgrade BusyBox

Postby Igor » 27 Jun 2013, 19:54

I tried that (I extracted the initramfs, replaced busybox and recreated the initramfs like described in ... own_kernel).

But with my changed initramfs, network doesn't work:
No ethernet interfaces found on your system. PXE boot won't work.
Cannot get a DHCP address. Check the cables on the ethernet interfaces.


As said, I built the same busybox version on Gentoo and I was able to reproduce the wget issue.
With the current busybox version on Gentoo, wget works.

This seems to be the BusyBox bug report:

So for me, the easier workaround is to disable keep-alive for the image location in nginx until a new sysresc version with an updated busybox version will be released.

SysResc's BusyBox .config isn't available, is it?

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