Unable to eject CD after reboot

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Unable to eject CD after reboot

Post by arnova » 05 Jan 2007, 13:32

I switched from Knoppix to SystemRescueCD to restore/backup my images with PartImage. But now I have discovered that when I tell SystemRescueCD to reboot (after I restored an image), the CD tray is locked (I can't get it to eject), and this is (of course) during the BIOS POST screen. It seems that one can only remove it by shutting the system down first. Boot it again, and then quickly remove the CD from the system (so that it doesn't boot from CD again). I still favour the "Knoppix"-way of fixing this and that is that when one executes "halt" or "reboot" that before actually performing the final halt or reboot, the CD gets ejected.

Could you please consider this?


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Post by admin » 05 Jan 2007, 14:05

That's a strange problem, I never saw this.

In the new 0.3.2-beta version, you can boot with the following options:
"docache doeject". (example: "fb1024 docache doeject").

It allows you to eject the disc at boot time, when the system is ready.

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