sysresccd-custom for sysrcd.dat only

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sysresccd-custom for sysrcd.dat only

Post by joze » 31 Dec 2006, 20:45


it would be nice, if sysresccd-custom would provide an option to customize sysrcd.dat only. I use for example grub on an usb stick to boot sysresccd from the stick. The files I use from sysresccd are only the kernel, initrd and sysrcd.dat. In this case the script sysresccd-custom fails, as some of the files like isolinux/ aren't present at all.

Maybe an option like

systemresccd-custom -x extract
systemresccd-custom -x squashfs

which work only on sysrcd.dat.

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Post by admin » 31 Dec 2006, 22:10

You are free to ignore the other steps and only do and extract and then squashfs as you requested. I did not test the script with this usage, but it should work.

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