SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0

Details about beta PPC versions, download links
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SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0

Post by Dannybrain » 21 Jul 2004, 08:12


Here we are finally with sysresccd 0.2.0. The most important thing in this release is the new kernel 2.6. Then, every system packages has been updated accordingly.
From now on, I will focus on more reliability and try to add packages or modules you could find useful.

Main features :

- kernel 2.6
- new eagle-usb drivers
- gcloop
- new packages (see pkglist)

I'll more than likely add qtparted in the future release as soon as possible...

As usual, any suggestions are welcome
enjoy !

MD5SUM : 7966288c99481febbbf0411309531e67 sysresccd-ppc-0.2.0.iso


great news!

Post by pepar » 30 Aug 2004, 15:56

wow, signs of life ... great!

much appreciated.

mc (midnight commander) is sorely missing ;o)
and maybe some infos/changelog.

Thanks again.



Sign's of Life

Post by Mirco » 04 Sep 2004, 06:38

Very nice that you're still alive.

But sadly the link seems to be removed.



The download link

Post by Mirco » 04 Sep 2004, 06:49

Maybe one has to be logged in to see the link's.

Anyway it's in the download section, on the homepage, too.

Hope this give's me the option to boot my Debian, which I installed in PearPC [PowerPC Emulator (] .



Post by Guest » 04 Sep 2004, 10:49

does parted works well with 2.6 kernel?
I heard about geometry troubles when using parted with 2.6 kernel, is it solved?

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Post by admin » 04 Sep 2004, 20:29

This problem is supposed to be solved with parted-1.6.12. And there is a patch for parted-1.6.12 and HFS: ... 12.5.patch


Post by Guest » 04 Sep 2004, 23:31

okay, Thx :D


Alpha version

Post by Alparslan » 15 Sep 2004, 09:49


I want to prepare Alpha version of SystemRescueCd on HP ds10 computer and debian 3.1 (sarge).

How can I download source code. (I don't know)
How can I compile source code. (I don't know)
Hoca can I write this boot cd. (I know)


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Post by admin » 15 Sep 2004, 12:11


Even if you have an alpha hardware, making a port of SysRescCd is not so easy. It's not just a tarball with C sources to compile as another program. It's a kit of several scripts that use the gentoo package system to take a classic linux system (as any installed gentoo linux) and it makes a system that can be put on a read only disc.

If you are interested in making a port for alpha, the first thing to do is to have a look at the alpha port of the gentoo, and look at the livecd. Maybe you will have to use catalyst, but I really don't know this hardware well.

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Post by szaka » 28 Sep 2004, 21:18

The latest Gentoo LiveCD didn't boot on my AlphaServer 2000 but I had success with the latest Sarge. The CD drive is quite picky about the CD media and it reads only CD-R, not CD-RW. Overall it seemed to me that Debian/Alpha is maintained and cared about much better than Gentoo/Alpha.

willem duinker

sysresccd on beige G3

Post by willem duinker » 24 Oct 2004, 12:13

Worked for me to repair my Yellodoglinux 3.0 system on beige G3. They do not provide a real rescue option on their iso.

Because it has to boot with bootx, I copied the parameters from the yaboot.conf and typed them in as kernel options.

Thanks, it helped to repair my system.


[email protected]


part Image

Post by Dorjee » 17 Aug 2005, 06:48

It would be GREAT if you could add part-image in the next release...
I really need a bootible PPC-cd with part-image!

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Re: SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0

Post by cld71 » 07 Sep 2009, 14:06

What are the minimum hardware requirements for the SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0 version?

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Re: SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0

Post by admin » 15 Sep 2009, 21:03

It's a very old version, and now updated any more

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Re: SystemRescueCD-PPC 0.2.0

Post by virtuemart1 » 28 Jan 2013, 01:04

Please tell the link where to download PowerPC Mac version

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