CHRP Class PowerPC machines sysresccd non functional.

Details about beta PPC versions, download links
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CHRP Class PowerPC machines sysresccd non functional.

Postby fraterm » 02 Jun 2004, 20:54

Trouble booting / running the sysrescd on a F50/B50 class IBM PowerPC...
Seems a gentoo distribution wide problem... just wanted to make you all aware of this. While the install base of these machines is small, it will be around awhile... and alot of these users want to run linux on them. A viable imaging solution is critical to their happiness :)...


Postby Guest » 11 Jun 2004, 19:47

Thanks a lot for this information...

I had not much time over the last few months but things are going to change now ! ;)
New version will be out soon...and I'll investigate about this F50/B50 IBM PowerPC problem...

Enjoy the sun until then 8)

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