SystemRescueCd-0.1.1 for PPC

Details about beta PPC versions, download links
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SystemRescueCd-0.1.1 for PPC

Post by Dannybrain » 27 Nov 2003, 16:44


I'm pleased to announce the new release of systemrescuecd for ppc
architecture. This new version 0.1.1 is a bit more interesting for Sagem
USB Adsl owners, as I have included the eagle driver, so you can now
install a brand new gentoo from your laptop with sysresccd-ppc.

Main features of this release :

- kernel 2.4.21 ppc
- Apple laptop special keys support (pkbuttons)
- Apple laptop power management support (pmud)
- parted with hfs+ shrink support (patch provided by Guillaume Knispel)
- More tools. (see pkglist)

Package list at ... -0.1.1.txt
Download link at
Md5sum : f794eb442fdfb51c53abb1a49f032012

Any suggestions, help or test are very welcome !


PPC version

Post by opus » 03 Dec 2003, 17:43

Perhaps a simple editor such as joe or nano can
be included (as in the x86 version) for the vim-impaired.

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Post by Dannybrain » 07 Dec 2003, 19:35

Why not ! ;)
You're right, I will include nano in the next release.



Post by mjbpgh » 29 May 2004, 13:53

I remember hearing that partimage can be run on Mac as well. I would love to see that work on sysrescuecd, especially over LAN :D

Maybe it's too much,

-Mike B, Pittsburgh, PA, USA



Post by edq » 27 Jun 2004, 21:50

I am not familiar with linux. What is the difference between the x86 and PowerPc rescue disks? Which one is appropriate for a Dell Dimension 8300? Does the powerPC disk work on apple G5 computors?

I have also partitioned my hard drive and installed the Libranet 2.7 linux OS on a partition. However, I need a modem driver for this OS. I notice the rescue disk comes with an "eagle" modem driver. Do you know if this will work with my BCM V92 modem?

Dell recently informed me that the Linux OS would mess up my windows OS. I don't see how that is possible if they are on separate partitions. Do you know if Linux can damage the hardware?


Edward Qubain

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