SystemRescueCd-0.1.0 for PowerPC

Details about beta PPC versions, download links
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SystemRescueCd-0.1.0 for PowerPC

Post by admin » 13 Nov 2003, 13:19


This new version is the PowerPC edition of SystemRescueCd, for macintosh users. It is still in developement, and it does not have all features from the x86 version. It is maintained by Daniel Biehle.

Download Link: (53 MB) ... -0.1.0.iso

md5sum (checksum of the file):

The PPC edition aims to provide the same software and services as the x86 version. You can test it, and send us feed back, by posting messages in this forum:

Contributors and suggestions are welcome.


Next beta will be better

Post by PyG » 27 Nov 2003, 16:33

I have an eBook 500 Mhz.
After booting on the CD, I press Enter to boot on default (live), then, it prints a couple of text line and finally switch off my computer !
I have also tried the safe mode (live-safe) but it happened the same thing.
My laptop has not been damaged but the hardware clock has been reseted.

Good Luck my next release

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