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Postby redeeman » 27 Mar 2004, 23:16

hi, first i gotta tell, that i love this cd.

i have a few questions about this cd:

are you using livecd-ng or catalyst for doing this cd? or are you mounting the cloop image and manually adding stuff?

if, you are using livecd-ng or catalyst, could i please get the project files, because i am trying to make a livecd myself, it would be fun to try, and costomize it abit with my configuration files and stuff..

hope to you hear from you, if you want, you can mail me @ redeeman<nospam>@metanurb.<nospam-lalalal>dk


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Postby admin » 28 Mar 2004, 17:57

I use a personnalized livecd-ng. I made several changes since the official version. You can get all these files from the anonymous CVS on sourceforge: ... cdsrc-001/

What do you plan to do in your own bootable CDRom ?


Postby Redeeman » 11 Apr 2004, 10:32

sorry the late answer. my plans are to install a more costomized kernel. i do alot in kernel hacking, and i am releasing som patches for 2.6 kernels. i would like a livecd with reiser4 filesystem support. and thats what i plan to do. :D

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