How 2 Create Bootable USB for SystemRescueDisk UEFI & Legacy

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How 2 Create Bootable USB for SystemRescueDisk UEFI & Legacy

Postby nehaljwani » 28 Aug 2015, 23:14

Simple Tutorial on how to make a bootable USB for system rescue disk, which is compatible with UEFI as well as Legacy mode.

Tested on: SystemRescueCd-x86-4.5.4

See this in action at:

1. First keep a copy of the systemrescue disk ISO ready with you.
2. Attach your USB drive.
3. Open diskpart (via command prompt), select the USB disk (number will be obvious based on size), perform a 'clean', create a 1GB FAT32 partition, assign it a letter.
4. Download system rescue disk installer, as instructed on the website.
5. Create a temporary directory 'Temp' on Desktop.
6. Run the installer.
7. Select the directory created in the previous step.
8. Extract ISO contents.
9. Select the USB device and then click Install.
10. Open the file \boot\grub\grub-$version-number.cfg inside the USB drive.
11. Replace all instances of the string "isolinux" with "syslinux"
12. Reboot!

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