Linux install script erases persistent partition (backstore)

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Linux install script erases persistent partition (backstore)

Postby esskov » 02 Apr 2015, 22:19

The official way to install/upgrade SysRescCD on a USB stick is to use the script - as described here: ... from_Linux

If SysRescCD is already installed on the USB stick (i.e. when upgrading), the USB stick may also contain a partition with persistent data (the highly usefull "backstore" feature). Unfortunately the official install script will re-format the *entire* USB Stick - thereby deleting the backstore - without any indication that this may not be desirable.

Wouldn't it be preferable, if the install script would simply instal on the first available partition on the USB stick, and would only overwrite the MBR of the drive if necessary?

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Re: Linux install script erases persistent partition (backst

Postby gernot » 03 Apr 2015, 05:54

You can use the script sysresccd-usbstick from a running sysresccd:

sysresccd-usbstick copyfiles partname
sysresccd-usbstick syslinux partname

Nothing is erased.


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