can't download 2.14

Post there if you have problem when downloading the iso, or burning it.
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can't download 2.14

Post by guest » 13 Aug 2004, 17:08

Hi Fellows,
I am trying to download the stable version 2.14 but the file seems to be broken.
I tryed downloading from 4 different mirrors, with both IE and Mozilla, and the download stops after 93 Megas, with an error message saying that the connection to server is reset (IE) or can't read from file (Mozilla).

Anyone else had problems downloading the file?


Still can't download

Post by guest » 14 Aug 2004, 14:24

Hi all,
I tryed again today, and the problem remains. the download stops after 92% of the file.

Can someone please try to download the file and report if the download works? that could help me know if the problem is with the file, or with my environment.

btw, the final file size should be 104 MB. after downloading please check to see if the entire file was downloaded.



The problem was with my system. works now.

Post by guest » 21 Aug 2004, 12:19

its unclear what the problem is, but the download works from other computers.

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Post by admin » 21 Aug 2004, 12:40

Try to download with wget.exe:
wget -c http://address-of-the-file.iso

If you have an error, you can continue the download by running the same command again, in the same directory.

You can download wget for windows there:

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