BURN ISO on wintel using Schily's cdrecord thanks to cygwin

Post there if you have problem when downloading the iso, or burning it.
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BURN ISO on wintel using Schily's cdrecord thanks to cygwin

Post by jd » 12 Aug 2003, 06:55

WHAT - win9x, **, win2000 and XP platforms (even Nero users) will be interested in installing RedHat's unix environment&tools, named:

WHY - cygwin installation offers an impressive array of traditional, and some very up-to-date unix tools. Caution to small hard drives: If allowed to install **** ALL, cygwin will take a hefty footprint on 1gig-drive systems, but if you have a many-gig drive & can afford 907mb+, it will run just fine from any FatXX/NTFS drv-letter/partition. Hint: it is one of the very few apps I would recommend NOT putting on same partition as MS' boot scheme & OS, due to this hirsute obesity; also, it does not use/need wnRegistry.

No, Really, WHY - the systemrescuecd site at sourceforge suggests (2003aug11) to use Schily's cdrecord as follows:

( e.g: a gentle tentative running of ..
cdrecord -scanbus
shows some candidate devices, and might have shown your cdWriter to be
addressable as 0,0,0
..so.. for example..burning would be as simple as..)

cdrecord dev=0,0,0 speed=8 -v sysresccd-x.y.z.iso

EPILOGUE - It's all very nice to have a cool gui front-end on everything, but after a while, it's all just LipstickOnThePig, ennyways, so get a life and burn what you want, when you want, how you want ... even if factors beyond your control ARE otherwise hobbling your cpuCycles with a moronic, hulking monolith dead-ending kludge OS from Redmond.



Appendix One:
WHY ELSE - Not everyone uses Nero. Some people like reading the devices's actual language (these days it {mmc} is so virtualized, it's worthwhile) and you can GET BACK all the CONTROL you ever wanted, after a nice bit of RTFM. One drawback is that you will have to figure out how to pre-filter filenames of items to be burnt, to help down-mangle those filenames longer than the chosen cd-fs can handle. That is the only drawback. All the rest, and the effort, is worth the hair-swept-back, unbridled, seething hunka hunka Burner Love now rumbling 'tween your ..uh.. fingertips.


** - If <<l'inconsistant doigt du destin>> has allotted you msME, then please give me a few minutes to try not to control my gorge reflex as I laugh,laugh,laugh at your black fortune. You may as well just buy more shells for that shotgun you (and YourOperatingSystem) have been repeatedly blasting into the stinking, tattered shards of withered, gangrenous flesh that used to be your foot.
On a positive note, just overwrite it all with BSD or Knoppix, and ask your computer vendor to un-sell the OS portion of your system investment to you. Money back for not wasting any more of your time. Think a bit about it. Your own money back, as if you could ever be PaidToImproveYourLifeAndTheWorldWithIt.

**** - You want to be sure that, amongst tools selected while installing cygwin, you DO INSTALL Schily's cdrecord/mkisofs/mkhybrid suite -aka- (new pkg name) cdrtools .. someone might add, here below, what Parent Branch needs be selected, and save some newbies from being forced to learn anything in the cygwin install process.

If it turns out that cdrtools is a separate fetch outside the RedHat cygwin install, then I guess I didn't learn very much from having manually plunked it into place, last spring ... unless maybe I eschewed learning for straight-ahead brazen bolt-headed burn-burn-burning.

BeOS made me do it.

BeOS lives. BeOS rocks.


Post by Guest » 28 Aug 2003, 11:35

CDRTools is also avaible as native port, works better then the Cygwin version.

If you really need a frontend but want open-source anyway try burnatonce, a cdrtools frontend for a few tools including cdrecord.

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