Don't see user data (session) on a DVD with SystemRescue

Post there if you have problem when downloading the iso, or burning it.
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Don't see user data (session) on a DVD with SystemRescue

Post by gonzales » 22 Mar 2006, 14:07

I created my own DVD with SystemRescue with the "how to" of the actual manual (see chapter "How to burn a DVD with SystemRescue and 4GB more files").
After writing all files on the DVD (used "growisofs" how described within the manual), I checked the burned data on my station ("ls /media/dvdrecorder") - and all files of SystemRescue/my own files can be found on the DVD. My

Then I successfully boot up another PC with sysresccd on my new DVD.
After startup, I want to use my data - but I didn't found my files!!!

Do anybody know how I can reach my own files on the DVD?

I tried following
"ls /mnt/cdrom"
and saw the sysresccd-files
"mount -osession=1 /dev/cdrom /mnt/mysession"
and saw only the sysresccd-files
"mount -osession=2 /dev/cdrom /mnt/mysession"
and still saw only the sysresccd-files

- SystemRescueCD for X86, 0.2.17
- growisofs, v5.21

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Post by The_Riddler » 07 Sep 2006, 23:45

I'm having exactly the same problem.

I'd like to be able to produce a custom SystmeRescueCD, then make an iso file of it. I want to then be able to take this iso to a windows or linux computer and burn the ISO, and also add a partimage image file and an autorun script to automate restoration of the image.

However, I've tried adding the script and image file in a seperate burning session via Nero in windows and growisofs in linux, but the files added in the second session do not appear in /mnt/cdrom when booting from the CD. In windows and knoppix the files are there though....

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