How to Burn A DVD with SystemRescueDisk and more than 4 Gb..

Post there if you have problem when downloading the iso, or burning it.
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How to Burn A DVD with SystemRescueDisk and more than 4 Gb..

Post by funkiki » 19 Jan 2006, 12:40

Chapter 9 of the documentation :

I don't have a lixux system working, but only a Win2k system. I would like to create a boot DVD (booting on SystemRescueDisk) including my archives ZIP files.

So i've tried with nero, but with no success, because burning first the ISO, doesn't allow then to add my archives (Nero says the DVD is not multisession and no way to setup it differently).

I've also tried to copy the content of the ISO file on the hard disk, then try to brun a DVD-ROM(boot) with the default boot image file (DosBootimage.IMA). It works, but obviously, it boots under MSDOS and then no possibility to run the linux 'SystemRescueDisk'...

Does some body already experiment this with Nero ?

How can I add some files to the ISO SystemRescueDisk ?


Where can I find a 'boot image file' for Nero that can boot under linux and then allow me to work with the SystemRescueDisk ?

I've also tried to use the CDBurnerXPPro free tool, but wasn't able to do something with it also...


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Post by Some_Person » 02 Feb 2006, 23:36

Just decompress with WinRAR and burn the files, along with your own files, with Nero.

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