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by TheMonk
29 Apr 2007, 13:20
Forum: Beta versions (report a bug found in a beta)
Topic: RAID and LVM on SysRescCD v0.3.5 !??
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RAID and LVM on SysRescCD v0.3.5 !??

Hi ! When trying to get more insight on RAID and LVM I'm using the brilliant SysRescCD to explore my server. With SYSrescCD v0.2.19 the lvs-command nicely shows this output: [email protected] /root % lvs LV VG Attr LSize Origin Snap% Move Move% root main -wn--- 18.62G swap main -wn--- 384.00M But with ...
by TheMonk
29 Apr 2007, 09:29
Forum: Boot problems
Topic: Option dodhcp doesn't work
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eth0 not configured during boot on v 0.3.5

Hi! I have also noted that the NIC does not get set up during boot on v0.3.5 :( Issuing this command sets up the IP-address and default GateWay: [email protected] /root % dhcpcd eth0 On v0.2.19 it's set up OK on boot :) Furthermore md-devices is formed and set up ok on v0.2.19 but not on v0.3.5... -but...
by TheMonk
13 Feb 2006, 00:21
Forum: System software
Topic: NFTS read/write access with v0.2.16 how?
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NFTS read/write access with v0.2.16 how?

I have been using The SystemrescueCD on and off since version 0.2.12 Now I have downloaded the latest version 0.2.16 just to discover that support for NTFS has changed (or even gone?) When issuing the mount.captive-ntfs command as explained in the manual You get this error message -- example: -- mou...