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by alexxtasi
01 Dec 2016, 19:47
Forum: Software request
Topic: GSmartControl - HDD checker
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Re: GSmartControl - HDD checker

I agree with the above gsmartcontrol should be added in SystemRescueCD. I will extend it's usefulness. Ithere is also the way of personalizing SystemRescueCd, based on: That's what I tried to do. 1- followed the d...
by alexxtasi
22 Nov 2016, 22:11
Forum: Hard-disk partitioning and storage
Topic: Newbie needs help.
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Re: Newbie needs help.

I am not an advanced user but as far as I know, there is a tool in "recovery tools" (see here: ) called "TestDisk" which is for recovering lost partitions and deleted files. There is also "PhotoRec" (from the same developer) specialized in recovering pho...
by alexxtasi
20 Nov 2016, 21:46
Forum: Customization and installing new packages
Topic: Greek keymap or locale problem
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Greek keymap or locale problem

Hi there My starting point is to create a custom sysrcd, based on this howto ( ), in order to add Greek language on x and console mode also (so don't have to set it every-time I boot). Trying this, I found out: - ...