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by CafeRay
27 Jan 2013, 18:26
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Topic: GRUB Editors
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GRUB Editors

Is there any plan to add a GRUB editor to SystemRescue ? If you install an assortment of LINUX operating systems to multi-boot, the GRUB menus can get complicated and messy. It would be handy if there was a user friendly editor on the disk which could edit the GRUB menu, and add or delete menu entri...
by CafeRay
27 Jan 2013, 15:39
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Topic: Windows Version
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Re: Windows Version

Sorry if post my query in this topic. I'm a bit of confused where should I post. Anyway, I have encountered crash problems in my computer. So, I thought your software might help me in that problem. Do you have windows version and where to download? It shouldn't matter what operating system is on yo...