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by mesmith
09 Nov 2009, 21:04
Forum: Hardware and drivers
Topic: Cannot alter display resolution
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Cannot alter display resolution

Using v 1.3.2 (same for 1.3.1)

Cannot alter display resolution after running wizard and using xfce settings. Display resolution window opens and you can choose a new resolution, but Apply button has no effect.

Dell Dimension 3000, dual P4, 1gb memory, internal Intel graphics 82865G .
by mesmith
29 Oct 2009, 01:35
Forum: Other
Topic: xfce "display" not working
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Re: xfce "display" not working

Same problem for me using 1.3.1. Worked okay previous version. Haven't tried beta, as I usually steer clear of unreleased software that plays with my HD.
by mesmith
10 Jun 2009, 16:16
Forum: Hard-disk partitioning and storage
Topic: In the event of HD failure...
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In the event of HD failure...

I'm new to Linux, and trying to develop a strategy to recover from HD failure if it occurs. I have two HD's. On my primary HD I have two partitions, Linux and Swap. My backup HD is a single partition. I have captured and saved the primary drive's MBR to my backup HD, along with an image of my primar...