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by mejohnsn
29 Oct 2009, 20:39
Forum: Boot problems
Topic: System Rescue CD sucks balls
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Re: System Rescue CD sucks balls

Yes, I know, he was obnoxious in his choice of language for describing his discontent with SystemRescueCD, but come now: the responses he got to his complaint are typical for an Open Source Project that has already "jumped the shark". He has a point. If the maintainers of SystemRescueCD cannot addre...
by mejohnsn
23 Oct 2009, 07:03
Forum: Customization and installing new packages
Topic: SystemRescueCD on USB Stick
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SystemRescueCD on USB Stick

The instructions say, "elect type LBA FAT32 may be 0B or 0C, to make it bootable." In the box below, it says to execute, "cfdisk /dev/sdf". Well, I did this, and I got the error message, "FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 0: Partition begins after end of disk". So now what am I supposed to do? the ...
by mejohnsn
11 Jul 2006, 20:26
Forum: Boot problems
Topic: Another Boot CD that Won't Boot
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Another Boot CD that Won't Boot

Since I was able to successfully make a bootable CD with CDBurnerXP Pro for Ubuntu, I tried CDBurnerXP Pro with SystemRescueCd. Apparently, my first attempt got the files onto the CD in an ISO filesystem, but didn't make it bootable. So now I made sure that CD was made bootable. I was surprised that...